Nick Baker’s My Living World Butterfly World Review


My Living World Butterfly World[Another one bites the dust! This butterfly kit is no longer available from My Living World, but other kits (Ant, Worm, Snail and Lady Bird) are still going].

Well the UK’s naturalist, Nick Baker, has introduced a new item to the My Living World range – a butterfly kit. It’s got a mouthful of a name; Nick Baker’s My Living World Butterfly World!

The My Living World range now has at least 7 nature kits at the time of writing, so I’m looking forward to exploring these.

Butterfly World is a welcome addition to the very limited range of butterfly kits out there, so let’s take a look at what this one offers.

Included in the kit, there’s:

  • The usual butterfly habitat – a pop-up mesh affair with clear plastic ends and zip access.
  • A small plastic pot and lid and a paintbrush for gently catching your own caterpillars.
  • A rubber band and several net pieces to put on jam jars when caterpillars get bigger.
  • Full instruction booklet on all methods of rearing