Nature’s Incredible Isn’t It?

There’s so much to see in nature – if only you had the opportunity and the time to observe it all. Some of it occurs at tiny levels so it’s not so easy to see. Some of it occurs in inaccessible places.

That’s where this site, ‘Nature’s Incredible’ comes in. It looks at a range and variety of nature and insect kits that specifically allow you to observe nature real close-up at home or at school.

But don’t be put off if you are an adult! This is not all about kits for kids only (although this is indeed a wonderful opportunity for children to observe the real world, real close), this is also an opportunity for all you adults too. I know you’re all itching to do this too, so now’s your chance. I’m no kid and I’m having a ball!

I take a look at all the available kits out there. But I don’t just list them and tell you where you can buy them, I actually use them myself first and let you know all the pros and cons and all the tips to make it a perfect experience (yes well it’s a toughie, but someone had to do it, LOL).

I know lots of you are looking for reviews on various insect kits including usage instructions, tips and even videos on using the kits – so that’s what I’m looking to provide on Nature’s Incredible. I know you are also looking at value for money and how easy it is to use the kit provided. Do you need anything else to use the kit that you weren’t aware of? All these questions I hope to answer for you.

From feedback I see on websites such as Amazon, it’s clear that some people find the experience a disappointment, both for the adult and the child. I’ll take a closer look at that aspect and give you the best techniques that encourage success and therefore a happy purchase.

More and more kits that involve nature are coming onto the market and I’ll be looking at as many of them as I can. If you know of any kits out there that are not covered in this website, then let me know and I’ll be very happy to review them. Just contact me telling me where you saw the kit and it’s name.

I was going to refer to them collectively as insect kits initially, but now we have other creatures appearing on the market such as jellyfish, frogs and even shrimp kits! Interesting. We’ll see how we get on with those.

Nature kits available at the time of writing include the following:

  • Butterfly Kit
  • Ant Farm
  • Praying Mantis Kit
  • Jellyfish Kit
  • Shrimps Kit
  • Frog Kit
  • Spider Kit
  • LadBug (LadyBird) Kit
  • Worm Farm
  • Bee Hotel

It’s not a massive range at the moment but I’m hoping this will change over time as more and more people become interested in the world around them. I hope you enjoy the site, and don’t forget to let me know how YOU got on with your insect kit too! I’d love to know. You can contact me here.


The areas I’ve covered so far include; Insect Lore’s Butterfly Garden Kit, which is probably the most popular nature kit out there due no doubt to it’s simplicity, success of breeding and beautiful results and the competing World Alive Butterfly Kit. I say ‘competing, but I don’t meant that in a ‘number of sales’ sense but in that it offers a different experience which I discuss in that article.

A number of new ant farms are appearing on the market. We take a look at one a more recent one, Ant World, which is more of a DIY insect kit in that you provide the ants yourself and the kit provides the environment within which you keep them. I’ll be taking a look at the other offerings including the gel farm later.

There are a whole variety of shrimp kits available, although many people won’t know they’ve bought shrimps! That’s not meant to be a negative, because they offer something very interesting to observe. It’s just a result of the marketing that’s taken place. So you’ll hear about dragons and monkeys for example, but not necessarily shrimps, which I guess sounds less exciting!

Anyway, I take a long look at the Aqua Dragons Deluxe kit which was certainly very different from the usual nature kit. You’ll see why from my review.

Many people will shudder at the thought, and no doubt some parents will say ‘no’ to those children who want one, but Spider World genuinely offers an interesting insight to the lonely world of the spider. I had an interesting time with this one as I had the opportunity to try out different spiders. See my results written up and with videos as always.

I’ve now added a section on ‘bee hotels’ or ‘bee homes’ as they are also known. I’ve had a lot of success with these and it’s certainly taught me a lot about bees, particularly at a time when so many bees are under threat. Helping these little creatures out has given me immense pride. I’ve created two pages on bee hotels so far; one for the DIY enthusiast who wants to make your own bee hotel and another page (so far) on bee hotels you can buy. I’ll probably add other pages on this topic at some point.

I’m putting together a page that lists everything all in one place, a sort of site map for humans in case you just want to scan all the pages to see what takes your interest. Click here for the list of pages available.

I hope you enjoy this site. Sign up for my occasional newsletter which lets you know of any new kits available as well as new reviews I’ve completed. You’ll find the simple, quick form on the right-hand side of every page.

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