Aqua Dragons Review & Tips On Getting The Best Out of the Kit

Aqua Dragons Deluxe Deep Sea Habitat – LED Version

Aqua Dragons Deluxe Deep Sea Habitat

This version of the Aqua Dragons which I reviewed is the ‘top end’ model. It’s exactly the same as the ‘Aqua Dragons Underwater World’ version, but features built-in LEDs and a separate magnifier.

I decided to review this model as it gave me the opportunity to see the ‘extras’ and report on those, as well as everything else which was common to both Aqua Dragon packs.

Aqua Dragons Features

This is an award-winning kit suitable for children from 6 years all the way up to adult. You get eggs which you ‘hatch’ in water and then look after the ‘dragons’ anytime up to 6 months. Reported to hatch in 2 – 3 days andAwards to take minimal care.

The instruction booklet includes a life-cycle chart and also uniquely, a ‘Responsibility Certificate’, which gets children to sign up to promise to feed, oxygenate, maintain and treat the live beings with respect.

Simply add boiled (and cooled!) or bottled water to the tank, add the eggs packet and stir thoroughly. Keep in a warm bright place (but not sunlight) and you’ll get Aqua Dragons hatch and swim about. You feed occasionally as described in the booklet with the food provided and you simply watch these unusual creatures grow, sometimes up to 3/4″ (2cm).

The Duluxe version has 4 blue LEDS built into the base of the tank which can be switched on at night to illuminate the water. This is a really neat feature as I found that it showed up the Aqua Dragons really well as they swam about the tank.


6″W x 1.5″D x 6″H (15.2W x 3.8D x 15.2H cm)

10.6oz (299g)


  • Aqua Dragon eggs
  • Food
  • Pipette
  • Feeding spoon
  • Magnifier (DeLuxe version only)
  • Built-in LEDs (DeLuxe version only)
  • Batteries included (DeLuxe version only)


I like the simplicity of the Aqua Dragons Deluxe kit – a ‘just add water and enjoy’ package which is fairly unique Contents of the Aqua Dragons Deluxewhen compared to others such as butterfly kits or worm farms. You can also get results pretty quickly, typically 2 to 3 days.

Everything you need is included in the kit and this can be undertaken at home or at school. Whilst the ‘dragons’ name is a bit tongue-in-cheek, they are nevertheless real creatures that are quite fascinating and that children and animal lovers can enjoy participating in.

The ‘Responsibility Certificate’ is a nice touch, encouraging children to take care of their new dragons.


The Aqua Dragons are really hard to see. Mine did indeed hatch after 48 hours, but I had to strain to see them. The magnifier supplied certainly helped, but they really are very tiny.

Even after a week these creatures were really small. At this point (as an adult) I was intrigued to be able to see their tiny fins, again with the magnifier, but will young children have lost interest by this time with something so small? Something you should consider.

You need to keep on top of oxygenation and feeding.

Eggs sometimes appear not to hatch for some people.


This is one of those products that gets the two extreme ends of the ratings scale! It’s clear that people have problems with the Aqua Dragons Deluxe Deep Sea Habitat and equally the Aqua Dragons Underwater World kit.

Some people got nothing, some people got something and then suddenly had nothing, and some people got great results and even a second brood!

It’s very difficult to assess these reports remotely. Did they really undertake everything as instructed? I think some of the instructions are critical to get the conditions exactly right. See my tips below.


Artemia Salina AKA Aqua Dragon

I’ll be honest – I was fascinated by these unusual creatures and so I was interested to see progress. If you are a like-minded adult then you will probably enjoy this too.

However, will your child be patient for a few days before seeing anything? Will they be interested to see something so tiny and for (them) taking a reasonably long time to grow? Will they be able to stick to a regime of feeding and oxygenation if the creatures can’t be seen that easily initially? Bear that in mind.

If you do decide to try this kit out, here are my tips to get the best out of it:


Aqua Dragon Tips

  • Used bottled water preferably.
  • If you have to use boiled water, wait at least 24 hours to allow any chlorine to dissipate before putting it in the tank.
  • Keep the tank in a warm, bright place, but not in direct sunlight.
  • When you add the eggs to the water, stir for at least a minute – the pack also contains ingredients to create the correct salinity for that size of tank.
  • For similar reasons it seems inappropriate to only use half a packet and save half the eggs for later as I presume the salinity (saltiness) of the water that the Aqua Dragons need would not be right.
  • Don’t feed the Aqua Dragons for the first 4 to 5 days.
  • Feed every 4 to 5 days after that, the amount depending on how many Dragons you have. See booklet.
  • Aerate or oxygenate the tank every day, especially for the first month. I think the instructions are a bit vague on this point. I fully insert the pipette before squeezing the bulb so that the air bubbles spend the longest time in the water to dissolve the most oxygen. Personally I did this 50 times (it’s only a minute of your life!) to ensure I maximised the oxygen injected. I repeated this every day and had a couple dozen creatures survive.
  • Don’t be tempted to put anything else in the tank. I was thinking about putting in sand at the bottom of the tank to add a bit of interest and also to aid stability but quickly realised that unless the sand was sterilised I’d be putting the creatures at risk with contamination. Maybe I’ll try that experiment in another session and report back, but don’t be tempted yourself in the meantime in case it creates a problem.

I hope these tips help your experience with the Aqua Dragons kit (Deluxe or otherwise), should you decide toAqua Dragon Eggs and Food etc buy either. The photo shown here shows the pack contents; tank, feeding/measuring spoon, pipette for oxygenation, food and eggs.

Perhaps you’d be kind enough to feedback your own Aqua Dragons review. You can leave comments at the bottom of the page.

In the meantime, if you want my recommendation I always buy my kits from Amazon whenever I can. I’ve never been let down – the service is quick, products always arrive in one piece and the price is always very difficult to match elsewhere. See below for country-specific products:

Aqua Dragons Deluxe Deep Sea Habitat
For the UK:For the US:
Aqua Dragons Underwater World
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