There’s a little confusion over what a shrimp kit actually is. That’s because most kits out there are known by different names. Names such as Aqua Dragons, Sea Monkeys, Triops and several others.

Fundamentally though, they are very similar. So let’s look a little at the detail so you can make an informed choice, if that’s important to you.

Both Sea Monkeys and Aqua Dragons use shrimps of some sort. Sea Monkeys are a form of brine shrimp. They have been around as ‘Sea Monkeys’ since the early 60’s. They have used a species based around Artemia to create a hybridised artificial breed. WIth over 50 years success, this brand seems to have had success.

Aqua Dragons are also based on a brine shrimp, Artemia. This one is Artemia Salina. Once again these live in salty water. That’s not the sea normally though. We are talking about inland salt lakes or even puddles in desert-like lands.

triopsTriops on the other hand are slightly different. Whilst these are also crustaceans like the two types of brine shrimp above, the triop is a tadpole shrimp, Notostraca.

The difference with Triops though is that these are reared in bottled water or rain water, not brine or salt water.

It will be interesting to see during my reviews, what the differences are in terms of how easy it is to bring them up at home.



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