Buying A Bee Hotel

If you’re not that great at making your own bee hotel, or don’t have the time, buying a bee hotel is the next best option – they really don’t cost that much. So, what advice can I give when choosing a bee hotel?

If you want something that works quite well, choose a bee hotel that uses bamboo at least somewhere in its construction, like either of these:

Both of these are in my garden and use bamboo as you can see. I’ve had more success with bees with the one on the right, I suspect because of the larger hole sizes. The one on the left attracted a few bees but quite a lot of other insects such as lacewings and spiders. Probably because the smaller holes were more in keeping with the smaller size of those types of insects.

Here are some examples of bee hotels that should work well. Hover over each image to see the price and how well it scored with home users:

Bee Hotels – [For the UK]

Bee Hotels – [For the USA]