Bee in my gardenLately, I’ve been fascinated with bees. Mostly bumble bees and solitary bees. I never knew there were so many different types! Of course, many of you will also be aware of the decline of this precious and important creature from numerous news items on TV and radio.

There aren’t any bee kits on the market as such (obviously you wouldn’t want to keep bees captive) so I thought it would not be easy to study these and encourage them to visit my garden. Quite the contrary as it turns out!

I’ve managed to attract a number of different bee species and had lots of them taking up residence in the bee hotels or bee homes that I set up. So now every year I am able to watch these fascinating creatures in close-up without disturbing or catching a single one.

I’ll be sharing my experiences with bee hotels I’ve bought as well as homemade ones. I’ve not had any total failures so far and my garden is quite small. So there’s plenty of scope for everyone who wants to enjoy these creatures, as well as help them survive!

I’ll also look at the various bee resources that I’ve come across and found useful. I hope you find them useful too. Most of them are free!

Most of the photographs of bees you see on these bee pages are mine – proof of the success I’ve enjoyed in my own garden.

Let’s look at how to make a bee house first which is relatively easy to do and very rewarding.

Then we can look at the variety of bee houses or bee hotels out there.