Ant World – An Ant Farm Review

Ant World Front of Box

The first ant farm I came across was this Ant World kit from Living World. It has won a gold medal from Good Toys Guide for the best science and nature toy, so it sounded like a good place to start. There are a number of different ant habitat kits available including ant gel farms, so I’ll look at these too at a later stage. Sign up for my free newsletter to get reviews on the latest kits released.

This ant farm kit comes from the My Living World range at Interplay, who also offer a whole range of other insect kits. Please note that it’s a UK-based company and at the time of writing, you can only get this in the USA sent from the UK. It is however available direct in Europe.


As with many other nature kits, this does not come supplied with ants. You either have to find your own in the garden or elsewhere, or buy them in. So be prepared in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Ant World Kit Contents

What is supplied in the kit and what do you do with it? Let’s look at the supplied contents first:

Contents of the Ant World ant farm box

  • Plastic ant habitat, this is your main housing
  • 2 shades to keep the ants cool and in the dark when you are not viewing them
  • Scene stickers to add a bit of colour and interest (for you, not the ants!)
  • Magnifying box and connecting tube – connects to the main habitat so you can see magnified ants
  • Pipette for feeding and watering
  • Tunnelling sand
  • Instruction booklet with full set of instructions to get you going
  • Order form for ants (UK)

Time to assemble it all – just follow the instructions supplied in the Ant World booklet (or better still, watch my detailed videos below). You can download a copy of the printed instructions below by clicking the link if you prefer to read it online or you simply want to print more copies:

Download Ant World Booklet

Here’s the official Any World review video, which gives a basic introduction:


Here’s my Ant World review CONTENTS video:


Here’s my Ant World review ASSEMBLY 1 video:


Here’s my Ant World review ASSEMBLY 2 video:

If you are a school, you can also download a full set of Teachers Notes for Ant World. Click the link below:

Download Teachers Notes for Ant World

I always buy my ant farms from Amazon whenever I can. I’ve never been let down – the service is quick, products always arrive in one piece and the price is always very difficult to match elsewhere. So they are my recommendation. See below for country-specific products:

Ant World
For the UK:For the US.

An Interplay order form for ants is included in the retail box for the UK.

If you need to buy a pack of ants (USA), you can get them for only $5.95 plus shipping. Here’s the link:

Live Ants


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